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Delivery & Box Returns

We are committed to delivering an exceptional service, and we understand the importance of timely and convenient delivery. Our drivers will arrive on the day you have specified while making the booking on the dashboard.

We kindly request that you choose a day when someone is available to receive your boxes. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide specific timings, but we assure you that we will do our best to make the delivery process as smooth as possible.

That depends if you want us to!

When your selected storage period ends you can either request to have your boxes returned, or we can keep looking after them until whenever you’re ready.

Don’t worry we won’t just land them on your doorstep unrequested!

We understand that sometimes things don’t go as planned and we always aim to be flexible. That’s why we have developed a fair and transparent process for managing changes to your storage needs.

To get started, simply login to your dashboard and select the box or boxes you wish to retrieve. Indicate that you would like them returned, and we will take care of the rest.

At Stowable, we don’t believe in penalising or profiting from our customers for changes to their storage requirements. Instead, we calculate the total fees for the revised storage duration, less any fees you have already paid. We add a £10 handling and administration fee to cover the costs of accommodating your updated needs, and we will inform you of the total amount before shipping the boxes back to you.

Please note that standard return rates apply.

Our Standard delivery fee for returns is £6.95 per box no matter where you are having it delivered! Weekend return delivery prices may vary.

Once you boxes are shipped your dashboard will be updated to show the status of your goods. More information can be found on the courier tracking page.

Yes, but it may depend on when your delivery is due. Use your tracking number to contact the courier directly to arrange a better time.

We try to ship them to you ASAP, so you should usually receive them in 3 to 5 working days

If you order 4 or more Stowable own boxes, it’s FREE!👍

For delivery of less than four Stowable boxes its £10.

No need to panic! You will receive a notification once your package is on its way, and you’ll have some options to make changes, such as leaving it in a safe place or changing the delivery date.

If you choose to have your package left in a safe place or with a neighbour, but the driver is unable to do so, they will make another attempt to deliver it on a different day.

However, if you miss the second delivery attempt, your package will be returned to Stowable HQ. Don’t worry though, you can get in touch with us and we’ll help you rearrange the delivery. Please note that extra shipping charges may apply.

The boxes do need to be signed for, so if you’re not in our courier will leave a missed delivery card and attempt a re-delivery.

Make sure to speak to them about a better time to deliver. You don’t want your boxes returned to us, as this will incur an additional charge.


We are committed to delivering an exceptional service, and we understand the importance of timely and convenient delivery. Our drivers will arrive on the day you have specified while making the booking on the dashboard.

We kindly request that you choose a day when someone is available to hand over your boxes. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide specific timings, but we assure you that we will do our best to make the delivery process as smooth as possible.

If you miss the collection of your boxes on the date you specified please get in touch with us Here and let us know.

We will need to rebook it for you and there may be a charge for the missed collection.

As much as we’d love to say hi, you can’t come to visit us. It’s part of the stringent security measures we have in place to keep everyone’s stuff safe.

We have a maximum limit of 25kg. We think you’d find it hard to go over! but on behalf of the couriers, we will need to charge you £4 per Kg over the limit, so you might want to get your scales out. Just like you, we don’t like unexpected charges.


This charge covers the return of your boxes as well so you’ll only be charged once.

If you are sending all your boxes back to us in one go, it’s free, Hooray! 👍

    If you need to arrange any subsequent collections for a single order there is a £10 per box surcharge.

Don’t worry we understand, these things can take time and we aren’t going to set deadlines for you! Unless you have specified on your Stowable dashboard that your boxes are ready to be collected, we won’t arrange to collect them, you are in control.

Just so you know, your order includes one free collection visit! But if you need to arrange additional collections this will incur a £10 per box surcharge. So if you can try to send us everything in one go.

Billing and Payment

Don’t worry, you haven’t been overcharged! Or if you have tell us and we’ll sort it immediately!

Stowable offers a flexible storage solution where each box you store is treated as an individual item with its own unique subscription, this is how we give you unparalleled control.

This means that when your boxes are scanned into storage and the subscription activated, you will receive a payment confirmation for each box separately.

We, don’t increase your fees if you need to store for longer – it’s rolling storage. The price you pay is based on the term you selected when ordering.

So for example, if you committed to storing for a minimum of 5 months you will keep those savings past 5 months and onwards.

Even if we change our prices the price for your storage is locked in 👍

Don’t worry! It just means we have safely received and stored your boxes. Our payment processor sometimes runs a test charge to make sure the account is linked up correctly.

You won’t actually be charged and it should disappear from your statement in 24-48 hours.

OK, don’t worry. It happens to all of us sometimes. We’ll email and let you know your payment failed and give you a link to a secure payment page so you can try again.


We really don’t like hidden fees and we have done all we can to avoid them. Sometimes though there are unforeseen or optional extra costs that may be incurred.

You will always know upfront what your Stowable experience will cost. The only additional things to consider are:

    • The standard insurance is £150 per box. Want more? There will be a charge for this.
    • If your box is overweight, on behalf of the courier we will charge you £4 per Kg over (this will also cover the return trip). So be sure to weigh your box before sending it
    • All items intended for storage must be boxed appropriately. If you send us items in a soft, flexible or irregularly shaped container, such as a suitcase, duffle bag or holdall, they will not be covered by our insurance and we will need to return it to you directly. Additionally, you will be charged a courier-imposed manual handling fee of £30 per item.
    • If your box is bulging or bursting we can’t store it efficiently. If you need more space, just contact us for more boxes
    • Your order includes one free collection visit. Any additional collections for an order are charged at £10 per box
    • If you miss your collection on the date you specified this will incur a £10 charge to cover the courier costs. Contact us to rebook the collection for you

If you have any questions please get in touch with us Here.

Our storage is charged month to month, so we won’t be able to do a partial refund if you end up only using part of it.

Don’t worry, VAT is already included in the price and we’ll provide a full VAT receipt for every order

Price increases are something we’ll always try to avoid. Even if we do have to, once your boxes are in storage that storage price is locked for the duration of your storage and won’t change even if we have to increase our prices.

Well actually, Yes!

when you are ordering your storage just select the minimum period you will definitely want to store for. The longer commit to the more you save and the savings are massive!

Yes, no problem! You can add a Name and Description to each of your boxes in your Stowable Dashboard. So its easy to identify and select which box(es) you want back.


We get it, estimating boxes can be hard, don’t worry! With Stowable you only pay for the space you use, not the space you booked, it’s that simple!

When you place your order just add more boxes than you’ll need. You won’t be charged for storage until we have your boxes back at Stowable HQ, and we’ll only charge storage for the boxes we receive.




Please note though, we can only store regular (cuboid) shaped, rigid, and sealed boxes.

All luggage and suitcases (whether soft bags or hardshell cases) must shipped in a suitable box. Please make sure that the dimensions don’t exceed a combined W+L+H of 155cm which is our maximum storage size.


We advise against sending boxes with any one dimension over 115cm or two dimensions greater than 75cm as they will incur a £15 handling surcharge.


Short answer, yes!

All items must be in a sealed, rigid cuboid-shaped box.

We are unable to store any irregularly shaped containers. This includes suitcases, duffel bags, holdalls or anything with external moving or free-moving parts such as handles and straps.

These items are prone to damage and are not covered by our insurance, as such, they will be returned directly and we cannot accept any liability for damage.

Additionally, a courier-imposed manual handling charge of £30 per item will be chargeable.

As always if in doubt please get in touch, just click Here, we’ll be happy to help guide you.

Simply follow our hand guide to packing wizardry! You can find it HERE 👍🪄


Ours are! We’re really proud of our Stowable boxes.

Want to get technical? We do too, we love it!

  • Our boxes have 300GSM kraft outer and 300GSM fully recycled inner, bonded by a rigid 3mm flute. These are some high-grade, high-density boxes!
  • Ours are different from your standard box.  They’re shaped for more efficient flat-pack transport, reducing the cost to you and the environment.
  • They come with a liner insert for additional strength and rigidity which makes them rated up to 35kg (yeh, we slightly over did it…)

Just remember 25kg is the limit from our courier, we don’t don’t want you getting any extra charges.

Our boxes will keep your treasures transit and storage safe. When they can’t be used any more they’re 100% recyclable. Biodegradable, unbleached, with no harmful chemicals. 💚

As you’d expect from Stowable, it’s environmentally friendly, recycled, and biodegradable! You’ll never find single use plastics here! We have recycled Kraft paper, honeycomb cushioning paper, Kraft paper tape and more. Check out what we offer when building a quote.

Yes, you can! Any boxes you haven’t used should still be displayed on your Stowable Dashboard. Just scan the box and arrange a collection. Do note that any additional collections are charged at £10 per box.

Pro tip: if you make another order for more boxes you can sneak any leftover boxes into your new collection at no extra charge. Just don’t tell anyone I told you!

Yes, you can! And it’s a great way of saving money and protecting the environment! We will post your unique QR code label(s) for you to attach enabling you to add and customise your boxes on your dashboard

There are a few things to bear in mind. Please make sure the boxes you are planning to store with us are sturdy, undamaged and suitable for both transport and storage. If we receive unsuitable boxes we may need to repack them incurring a minimum £20 charge per box, we will always notify you and provide details before doing this.

Please follow our packing guidance carefully to make sure your possessions are packed safely.

We currently offer one Stowable box which is 40 x 40 x 41 (approx. 65.6 litres). This fits within the most popular box size stored.

Alternatively, you can use your own boxes up to a mammoth 137 litres for our X-large storage option!

Customers own box size options include:

  • Small: Up-to 109cm (W+L+H)
  • Medium: 110-119cm (W+L+H)
  • Large: 120-139cm (W+L+H)
  • X-Large: 140-155cm (W+L+H)

To calculate your box size grab a tape and add the Width, Length and Height together.


We advise against sending boxes with any one dimension over 115cm or two dimensions greater than 75cm as they will incur a £15 handling surcharge.


We don’t make a habit of it but if we’re worried about security or safety we may have to. We will let you know if we do.

Unfortunately, no.

  • We are unable to store irregularly shaped containers. All items must be in a securely sealed, rigid cuboid box.  Soft containers such as duffel bags or holdalls must not be used for storage.

The following items are also prohibited:

      • Food or perishables
      • Explosives, weapons or ammunition
      • Sharps
      • Hazardous materials
      • Chemicals
      • Illegal substances or items obtained illegally
      • Flammable liquids or materials
      • Compressed gasses or pressurised containers
      • Liquids
      • Batteries
      • Electronic items with batteries – like smartphones
      • Taxidermy or animal hides
      • Any living organisms

      If we find any prohibited items, they will be disposed of without any notification. If we need to tell the police about what was found, we will without hesitation.

      You’ll also be charged a £50 admin fee along with any other reasonable costs incurred.

      If in doubt click Here to get in touch!

  • Transport – £150 insurance as standard, per box
  • Storage – £150 insurance as standard, per box

This is usually enough, but if you want to top this up, Contact Us and we’ll help arrange a suitable level of cover.

Still need some help?

We aim to deliver the best self-storage experience for our customers, and that includes a sustainable and forward-thinking approach to protecting the planet in the process. Get in touch with our friendly support team, and we can help you every step of the way.

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