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The Stowable Story

We’re James and Jen, the founders of Stowable.

While balancing the needs of a growing family, we often found ourselves asking questions like where to stow away baby gear between kids, what to do with seasonal decorations, and why do we seem to accumulate an abundance of coats? And, of course, amidst the chaos, the reminder that someday, we’ll get back to our hobbies, so parting with our belongings is not on the agenda!

Introducing kids, a cat, and a dog into the mix only intensified the need to find a solution. Our wardrobes were overflowing with boxes, but the idea of conventional self-storage seemed both costly and unwieldy.

Motivated by the desire to offer something different, we founded Stowable โ€” a simpler, more accessible alternative to Self-storage.

With us, you only pay for the space you use, scaling it to fit your needs and all delivered to your doorstep. And here’s the game-changer: the flexibility to request one, some, or all of your items back when you need, putting you in control and turning Stowable into an extension of your home or business. Your belongings are out of sight when you don’t need them but right there when you do. Find out more Here.

In developing Stowable, we collaborated with the fantastic team at Hiyield, briefing them with three key principles:

Simplicity, Sustainability, and Transparency

These principles guide and will continue to shape everything we do at Stowable.

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Co-founders James and Jen Mugleston knelling in a field with their dog

The Stowable Story