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Comparing storage can be a daunting task, there are so many elements to factor in, and very often, unanticipated additional costs. This is where our storage comparison chart comes in! At Stowable, we’re shaking up self storage, prioritising convenience, transparency and flexibility. We are committed to offering the best value to our customers and run frequent price checks and analysis to ensure you get the best deal.

Storage Comparison Chart

(Updated 01/2024)StowableEasystorage4LovespaceAccess
Box Storage
Boxi Store
Box size used for comparison99.4
Marketed box sizeLargeX-LargeLargeN/AX-Large
Average storage cost inc. return1£57.08£64.45£79.27£119£117.10
Storage TermMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthly
Advertised “Prices From”Monthly
Inc. VAT
Inc. VAT
Inc. VAT
Inc. VAT
Box return cost£6.95
Flat rate

per box
£29 for up to
3 boxes, £10 per 3
boxes thereafter
Flat rate
per box
Per Order
£30 for any
2 items. £12 per
box thereafter
Included transport coverage (per box)£150£100£100£100
Included storage coverage (per box)£150None£100£100£100
Weight limit per box25Kg30Kg25Kg25Kg25Kg
Permitted to use your own boxes
Free delivery available2
Multiple box sizes stocked3
Free collection
No restriction on storage periods
No min. box return order size
No charge for address change
Sustainability promise or plan

1 Single box, size as specified, averaged total storage fee for all durations (1-12 months) including associated return costs.
2 Relates to the delivery of ordered boxes and packaging materials (Stowable – Order 4 or more Stowable Boxes and delivery is free)
3 At present we stock medium sized Stowable boxes, we will be stocking sizes more soon

4 At the time of publishing Easystorage website was down for maintenance over an extended period, figures used relate to costs and services as provided in 2023

How do we compare with conventional self storage?

It can be difficult to compare our storage services with traditional self storage providers due to differing business models. We offer services they are unable to, and vice versa.

Typically, conventional self storage providers are targeting customers seeking larger storage spaces. Stowable focuses on providing unparalleled convenance and flexiblity, but on a smaller scale and we deliver and collect from your doorstep. Check out the storage comparison below. 👇

Big Yellow Storage – 27ft3 (9ft unit), 12 months (paid monthly), storage total cost including all current discounts = £565.80*

Stowable – 27.85ft3 (5 Extra Large Boxes and a Large Box), 12 months, storage total cost including all current discounts & returns = £555.35

If you need a lot of space or have large items to store, traditional self-storage may be the right solution. For everything else, you’ll be amazed at what Stowable can offer!

*Regional prices may vary.

Storage Units at a facility

How do we compare with conventional self-storage?

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