Reclaim Your Space With On Demand Storage By Stowable

We Collect, We Store, We Deliver.

The quick, flexible, and convenient way to organise and reclaim your space! Our on demand “by the box” storage solution puts you in control.

Let us take care of all the things you’re tripping over. Unlike conventional self-storage, you only pay for the boxes you store and we collect directly from your door.

Manage your possessions on a box-by-box basis so you can access what you need when you need it, all delivered right back to you. Make Stowable an extension to your home or business today.

Your dashboard puts you in control

Safe, secure, we’ve got you covered

Only ever pay for the space you’re using

Seriously flexible storage by the box

Storage from only £3 a month
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Reclaim Your Space With On Demand Storage By Stowable

James and Jen, Stowable Founders

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How Stowable works

No more headaches trying to work out how much your storage will cost!

Hate how hard it can be to find self storage near you and how confusing the costs can be? Us too! That’s why we’ve made our by-the-box system totally transparent and easy to understand. No nasty surprises. It’s storage simplified!

With rolling storage, free delivery on orders of 4 or more Stowable boxes, a free collection visit and discounted returns, Stowable give you better value for money and unparalleled flexibility!

Ready to find out how little freeing up more space will cost you?

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Simple pricing

Why choose Stowable?

Super convenient

Self storage can be a pain. If you’re looking for storage near you, we’ve made it so easy you don’t even need to leave your property. Its self storage, but we’ll deliver and collect right from your doorstep

A trustworthy team

We’re a family business who pride ourselves on being a reassuring & caring company. We’re always here to answer any questions or help

Excellent value

Like for like we don’t believe our prices can be beaten. We charge enough to keep your boxes safe and secure, but we’re dedicated to remaining affordable

We’re sustainable

We’re a green company. So we also look after the planet when we look after your things

Not only are we helping you sort your space and cutting your costs, but we’re doing it while also protecting the planet.

We promise you that we’ll:

  • Work towards being carbon neutral
  • Use 100% recyclable materials
  • Have carbon conscious couriers
  • Use sustainability focused suppliers
  • Incorporate sustainability considerations into all our business decisions

The Stowable Promise

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Frequently asked questions

We, don’t increase your fees if you need to store for longer – it’s rolling storage. The price you pay is based on the term you selected when ordering.

So for example, if you committed to storing for a minimum of 5 months you will keep those savings past 5 months and onwards.

Even if we change our prices the price for your storage is locked in 👍

Simply follow our hand guide to packing wizardry! You can find it HERE 👍🪄


  • Transport – £150 insurance cover included as standard, per box
  • Storage – £150 insurance cover included as standard, per box

This is usually enough, but if you want to top this up, Contact Us and we’ll help arrange a suitable level of cover.

Ours are! We’re really proud of our Stowable boxes.

Want to get technical? We do too, we love it!

  • Our boxes have 300GSM kraft outer and 300GSM fully recycled inner, bonded by a rigid 3mm flute. These are some high-grade, high-density boxes!
  • Ours are different from your standard box.  They’re shaped for more efficient flat-pack transport, reducing the cost to you and the environment.
  • They come with a liner insert for additional strength and rigidity which makes them rated up to 35kg (yeh, we slightly over did it…)

Just remember 25kg is the limit from our courier, we don’t don’t want you getting any extra charges.

Our boxes will keep your treasures transit and storage safe. When they can’t be used any more they’re 100% recyclable. Biodegradable, unbleached, with no harmful chemicals. 💚

Yes, you can! And it’s a great way of saving money and protecting the environment! We will post your unique QR code label(s) for you to attach enabling you to add and customise your boxes on your dashboard

There are a few things to bear in mind. Please make sure the boxes you are planning to store with us are sturdy, undamaged and suitable for both transport and storage. If we receive unsuitable boxes we may need to repack them incurring a minimum £20 charge per box, we will always notify you and provide details before doing this.

Please follow our packing guidance carefully to make sure your possessions are packed safely.

Your storage subscription will begin once we have scanned your boxes into our store. This means that you will only be charged for the boxes that you have sent us, and you can take as much time as you need to pack them.

All storage payments are made in advance and will be automatically billed, your selected storage duration commences with your subscription.



Checkout all our FAQs

Whether you are looking for personal or business storage, you can trust us to provide the best service and keep your things safe. Be it the tax returns you keep tripping over, that vintage coat you don’t really wear at the moment or those baby clothes you’re just not quite ready to part with. Our self storage alternative enables you to get your prize possessions back for when you want them.

Got questions? Still unsure? Worried about parting with such important things? No problem. We’re here to help and talk you through it.

Two happy customers opening a Stowable self storage box in their living room

We’re here to help you